Rootts Childcare

I stay in Nigeria, and I can assure you that some of the most daunting tasks a mother must overcome are the 60-minute or more drive to and fro the clinic and the long wait in the hospital lounge for a 10-minute consultation with the pediatrician. If this is not stressful enough, consider the long days of fuel scarcity, the recent increase in fuel price, and the inadvertent lockdown during the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every child should be able to access healthcare readily, anywhere in the world, with as little stress as possible.
At Rootts Childcare, we bring healthcare to you in the comfort of your homes using innovative technology. Book a virtual consultation for a first or second opinion.
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Speaking Engagement

The journey between getting married and the confidence to write L.I.V.E was packed with varying emotions, the good and the bad. Through it all, I am unlearning and relearning the true meaning of “living,” regardless of my experiences. Not only did God break me away from self-pity, depression, and shame, but He has also asked me to help other waiting mothers “LIVE.” I am open to discussing my journey with you at conferences and events. 

In addition, I enjoy being with children. I love to read, demonstrate, and have fun with them. I am open to visiting schools to engage children in reading, career talks, and other fun things. 

Furthermore, I love to educate parents on how they can care for their children at home and make better health choices for them. I am available to speak at conferences, television, and radio stations.